Pouring my thoughts on tech and other stuff in writing.
Setup Control Plane in AWS EC2 Instance
Setting up the control plane using kubeadm following LFS258 course and related documentations.
21 Aug 2023
6 minutes
Restoring my Old Portrait
My process of restoring my old portrait using image processing and machine learning.
29 Jul 2023
6 minutes
Vite & Vue 3: My Experience
My thoughts when using Vite and Vue 3 by using it occasionaly.
12 Feb 2023
6 minutes
Moving Kubernetes Resources Between Nodes
A short guide on how to move resources that has been provisioned inside Kubernetes in order to make changes to a node.
27 Nov 2022
2 minutes
Hello World!
Hello from mkamadeus' blog!
1 Jan 2021
1 minute
HMIF Goes Out 2019!
My experience in HMIF Goes Out 2019, visiting several offices
12 Aug 2019
7 minutes
Bit Manipulation : A Simple Example
Simple demonstration of bit manipulation usage in a Kattis problem.
17 Jun 2019
7 minutes